January 21, 2014


large_This_Is_the_GardenGiulio Mozzi’s first book, This Is the Garden (winner of the 1993 Premio Mondello), astonished the Italian literary world for its commanding vision and the beauty of its prose. In the eight stories of this collection, we see a steady reworking of the idea of the world as a fallen Eden. Here, in Mozzi’s garden, quasi-allegorical characters seek knowledge of something beyond their shaken realities: they have all lost something and react by escaping, retreating from reality into a world, as Mozzi says, that is “fantastic, mystical, absurd.” A purse-snatcher mails his victim’s letters back to her, including a letter of his own. An apprentice longs to be a real person, a worker, in an anonymous business where Kafkaesque machines cut nondescript pieces from an unnamed raw material. A man finds, in his endless activity of picking up broken glass in his garden, a metaphor for gathering the pieces of his soul. Intensely imagistic, mystical, mysterious, This Is the Garden is a complicated, unsentimental—yet also heartfelt—exploration of spirituality, love, and the act of creation by a master of the short-story form.

L’edizione americana di Questo è il giardino sarà pubblicata nel gennaio del 2014. Traduzione di Elizabeth Harris.


6 Risposte to “January 21, 2014”

  1. Valter Binaghi Says:

    Sono felice con te, Giulio.

  2. cartaresistente Says:

    Mi fa piacere!

  3. Lidia Says:


  4. flaviovillani Says:

    L’ha ribloggato su Flavio Villanie ha commentato:
    buone notizie: un grande scrittore italiano tradotto in America…

  5. Alessandro Damerini Says:

    Complimenti. Ho amato molto questo libro.

  6. icalamari Says:

    Mi era sfuggito. Complimenti!


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